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We are super excited to bring you episode 11 of OBTT featuring Tim Saylor! Tim is costar of “Diggers” on Nat Geo, and most recently Pursuit Channel’s “Diggin’ With KG and Ringy”.
Tim has an endless wealth of stories and we get right into it dating back to his band days, and moving into how he found himself on a hit TV show. We get to hear all about some of his greatest finds and how his passion for metal detecting intersects with his growing tattoo collection. We had a blast with this one, and can’t wait to see where Tim’s spirit of adventure takes him next! Enjoy

Horisuzu&Horisora ep#9



For Episode 9 we had the honor of closing out our weekend in Albuquerque with a visit with traditional tebori artists, Horisuzu and Horisora. We had a blast and time just flew by. We got some great backstory and Horisuzu
and Horisora go on to explain how their paths crossed. They offer an insightful glimpse into what it means to be part of a Japanese tattoo family. If you are at all interested in Japanese Tattoo culture or imagery this one is a must listen! EnjoyHo