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Danny Hilton ep#4

In episode 4 Mike and Tony sit down with pro MMA fighter, Danny Hilton. Danny is pretty heavily tattooed these days and even spent time as a tattoo apprentice before embarking on his journey as a pro fighter. Danny tells some hilarious stories and talks about a variety of topics including skateboarding and what it takes to make it in the world of professional MMA. We are big fans of Danny’s and are super stoked that he took time out of his busy training schedule to chat with us. Enjoy!

Old Bones and Tales of Tattoos ep#3 Matt Wilson

In episode 3, Mike and Tony talk candidly with Matt Wilson about Tony’s humble beginnings dating all the way back to when Tony first inquired about an apprenticeship. Matt was the resident piercer and shop manager at Electric Images in Appleton, WI where Tony spent his first few years cutting his teeth and learning what it takes to become a tattooer. Their friendship spans nearly 20years! Step into the OBTT time machine and set the dial to 2001… cheers

Old Bones and Tales of Tattoos ep#2 Jack Horimouja Mosher

In episode 2, Mike and Tony sit down with the elusive Jack Horimouja Mosher. After many years of hard work, Jack positioned himself as a world reknowned artist and abruptly fell off the map. He eventually landed at Hold Fast Tattoo in Prescott, AZ. Here is your chance to catch a glimpse into the mind of the diabolical genius himself. Enjoy!Old

Old Bones and Tales of Tattoos ep 1

In the kick off episode of OBTT Tony and Mike talk about what inspired them to team up on this project and a ton of other sporadic topics including 420, punk rock, naked snowboarding, and dad life. Old Bones and Tales of Tattoos welcomes you…